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CID has created the glory of 12 years on Indian Television. CID TV series is aired on Sony TV every Friday at 10 PM in India. CID on Sony TV is the best thrilling investigative series on Indian Television.CID Casts:A.C.P. Pradyuman:Shivaji Satam has pl…

CID on Sony TV
CID has created the glory of 12 years on Indian Television. CID TV series is aired on Sony TV every Friday at 10 PM in India. CID on Sony TV is the best thrilling investigative series on Indian Television.

CID Casts:

A.C.P. Pradyuman:

Shivaji Satam has played the character of A.C.P. Pradyuman in CID. He is a down-to-earth cop. ACP Pradyuman is the head of C.I.D. He lives his life with the attitude of “duty comes first”. He has proved himself the best by killing his own criminal son. Till now, no case is unsolved in his life. You can say that ACP Pradyuman is a master investigator and tough boss in CID TV series. He has the best skills of handling his team. He cares his team but at the time of work, he treats them with an iron hand. Discipline and perfection are the basic aspect of Pradyuman’s team in CID on Sony TV.

Senior Inspector Abhijeet:

Aditya Srivastava has acted as Senior Inspector Abhijeet in CID TV serial. He is a tough cop in his team. He is the lead of his team in the absence of A.C.P. Pradyuman in CID. Daya is his best friend in his team. He is also the best officer in CID series.

Senior Inspector Daya:

Dayanand Shetty has played the character of Senior Inspector Daya in CID serial. He is a very integral part of the C.I.D team on Sony Entertainment Television. He has amazing investigative skills along with muscle power. He is an emotional person in CID on Sony TV. He has faced danger and death many times in his life during the investigation.

Sub Inspector Fredricks:

Dinesh Phadnis has played the character of Sub Inspector Fredricks in CID. He is a humorous cop in his team. His method of solving cases is very effective and funny. He has a dream of being the head of C.I.D one day.

Sub Inspector Vivek:

Vivek Mashru has played the character of Sub Inspector Vivek in CID TV series. He is very young cop in the team of C.I.D. He has sharp memory and innovative methods of solving cases but he wants to eradicate crime and criminals in just a day.

Dr. Salunkhe:

Narendra Gupta has played the character of Dr. Salunkhe in CID TV serial. He is a forensic scientist in CID on Sony. He is very sharp and intelligent. Dr. Salunkhe gives exact and accurate information which helps the team to solve cases.

Dr. Tarika:

Shraddha Musale has played the character of Dr. Tarika in CID on Sony TV. She is also a forensic scientist. Dr. Tarika is a very hardworking, talented and beautiful scientist in C.I.D.

Officer Tasha:

Vaishnavi Dhanraj has played the character of Tasha in CID. Tasha is the newest and youngest officer in C.I.D.

CID casts have gotten the greatest popularity among audiences. CID casts are the best in their acting and investigating talent in C.I.D. series.

Episodes Format of CID:

CID introduces a case and crime in each episode. The Show creates a drama series of crime in each episode. C.I.D. is directly connected in each case. The Show assumes that police does not exist in Mumbai.

The C.I.D. team is introduced on the location of crime. They start their search for evidences. CID team on Sony Entertainment Television has the best equipped forensic pathology lab, the latest in computerized equipment and the ballistic tests machines. CID of Sony TV is directly linked to the National Fingerprint database and to Interpol’s international crime database also. They have a strong believe – “Every criminal always leaves something behind”.

They search the location of crime until they find something. They search even the smallest things also such as a strand of hair. In the murder case, the body is taken to the forensic lab where Dr. Saluke and Dr. Tarika investigate that. In the forensic lab, CID searches the causes of the murder. CID team has a CID garage also to investigate cars, bikes etc.

To solve a case, C.I.D. goes through many ways such as – medical report, money matter, relationship, property relationship, finger prints, crime database, causes of murder, advantages of murder etc.

Each episode of CID TV serial ends with the catching of criminal after some action, thriller, investigations and suspense. Inspector Daya is the expert in breaking at least one door in each episode. The criminal always denies the allegations till the C.I.D. aggressive attitudes and a slap.

Brides & Murder Episode of CID:

Brides & Murder episode of CID begins with Vishal marriage ceremony. He was to be married with Tina. She was a bar dancer. Vishal had introduced Shefali in his house as Tina who was an orphan girl.

On his marriage day, he leaves his house with a money bag. Vishal was in love with Simran. He had made a plan to leave his house on the day of his marriage. This day, Tina is killed by someone in the house of Vishal. On the other hand, Vishal is killed by some goons where he was to be met with Simran.

Now, CID is introduced in this case. They investigate the whole case. They take some photograph of Tina who was killed in the house of Vishal. Fredricks locate the area of Vishal’s mobile. Vivek gets some clues there. He finds a nail.

Now, the investigation starts from Simran. She explains the whole situation of that night. CID team checks Vishal’s car properly.

Vishal had stolen the money from his own company to leave the house with Simran. Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Tarika explain the situation of Tina’s murder. They find a hair also in forensic lab investigation in blood.

In the mid, CID knew that Vishal was fond of pub. He used to go in a pub. Daya goes in that pub and enquires from manager. In the pub, they knew that Tina is a bar dancer. Shefali had acted as Tina in the house of Vishal. That girl was brought by Vishal to act. She was a professional actor.

Now, A.C.P. Pradyuman asks CID team to enquire about Shefali. Finally, they make a plan to capture the Vishal’s killer from the serial number of money.

Finally, Abhijeet, Daya and Fredricks capture that goon who had killed Vishal. The goon tells everything very clearly. Now, they go to find Tina because the goon had taken money to do his task from Tina.

They go into the house of Tina but she was not that lady who had given the money him. The goon explains about that lady from whom he had taken the money. Now, CID team makes a plan and goes to Vishal house. They ask all ladies to come in the dress of marriage ceremony.

Finally, Neha is found as victim. Vishal’s brother and Neha had made the plan to do so. Again, CID team proved that no victim can escape from the eyes of CID.

About CID:

C.I.D. is the longest Television series on Indian Television. CID series is aired on Sony Entertainment Television every Friday at 10 PM in India. The series is based on a team of detectives belonging to the Crime Investigation Division of the Mumbai Police. CID serial is regarded as the longest running crime investigation TV series on Indian Television.

Crime thriller – CID was launched by SET and Fireworks. Now, CID TV serial celebrates the glory of 12th years of un-interrupted run. The Show entertains its viewers from an age-group of 8 to 80.

CID serial is an investigative series of suspense, action and thriller. CID creates a Guinness Book of World Records also in 2004 when Mr B. P. Singh creates an entire episode of the Show in just one single shot of 111 minutes (One Hour Fifty One Minutes) without a single cut.

CID has introduced projection of crime, investigation, the criminal mind and the human emotions as a very reality and believable. CID on Sony TV is a unique and thrilling program of crime genre. New Show of Sony Entertainment Television – Powder is also inspired by CID TV series.

Time to time, CID introduces some special cases also such as Independence Day, any important day and superstars cases.

Sometimes, CID TV serial invites some special officers also in the Show such as – Raajev Khandelwal as ACP Prithviraaj, Anoop Soni as ACP Ajatshatru, Hrishikesh Pandey as Inspector Abhimanyu etc.

CID Show is liked by all generations. The Show introduces contemporary cases and latest technologies also during the investigations. The Show reveals the dark world of crime and criminals. The Show has promoted Aahat also. Aahat on Sony TV is a new Show that gets a great popularity due to the effort of CID serial.

Abhijeet Sawant, Salman Khan and Kapil Dev also have been introduced as a special guest in CID TV series.

Overall, C.I.D. is the best investigative Show for all age group which introduces thriller, suspense, action, technologies and mystery.

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