Mahatma Modiji Takes a Lesson to India’s Corrupt Media 3 of 3

-Vote BJP 2009 if u care for India and its native traditions, if you want progress, prosperity, happiness and security. -Vote Congress I (islami-isai) and allies if you are an enemy of India. If you want islamic terror, christian evangelism, maoist terror, these are your guys. -Vote Communists and their allies if you want India to be colonized by China. Mahatma Modiji stopped islamic terror in Gujarat in 2002. Islamists now know that if they mess around repurcussions can be nasty. Modiji also stopped christian charlatanism using foreign aid and money to convert Native Indians through deceit and perpetuating poverty. Mahatma Modiji has acheived 15%+ Hindu rate of Economic Growth, Highest Economic growth rate in the world, much more than chinese growth rate and 7-8 times more than congress I (islami-isai)/Indian Communist growth rate in bengal and kerala (2%). Broadband connectivity is now available in Gujarat at each and every corner. World’s cheapest car, Nano will be made in Gujarat. Road infrastruure has been enhanced. (Remember pothole roads made by congress – and the corruption and shoddy quality that ensured that every rains, the road would wash way).Those days are gone in Hindu Gujarat. Roads, Power infrastructure is worldclass. Mahatma Modiji has improved key social indices. School drop out rate which was 80% during congress I (islami-isai) misrule has come down to 0%. Girl Children’s education gets special thrust. Healthcare indices – longevity, supportive care

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